ESSCO has just been given the opportunity to recruit a few more enthusiastic and eager students to aid in ESSCO’s long running commitment to the great students they represent for the 2017-2018 academic year. The positions that have opened up are
ESSCO Marketing

ESSCO Graphics Designer
and ESSCO Photographer/Videographer

If you are interested definitely send your application along to us along with any other info that you think may be relevant, such as previous work or other projects you had completed.
All applications are welcome and we look forward to getting to meet everyone who applies and picking some great individuals to join us on the team. Good luck to all applicants!

The deadline for applying is coming up soon on September 22nd. Get applying as fast as possible!

Join Us!


Ever had feedback to give your faculty but wasn’t sure where to voice it? ESSCO is trying to identify strengths and weaknesses across the province in engineering education so we can approach the bodies who can make a change with empirical data. Help us help you!

What is ESSCO?

ESSCO is an association that represents engineering societies from 14 universities across Ontario, and acts as the link between engineering students and professional associations, academia, and government. Since its creation in 1987, ESSCO’s goal has been to promote “unity, continuity, and visibility among Ontario engineering students”.

In addition to representing students on a provincial level, ESSCO also hosts four conferences annually: Presidents Meeting (PM), Professional Engineers Ontario Student Conference (PEO-SC), First Year Integration Conference (FYIC), and Annual General Meeting (AGM). Each conference is an opportunity for students to meet at one ESSCO’s member schools, and allows students to share best practice, discuss strengths and weaknesses of their schools, and implement positive change. Students who attend the conferences (known as delegations) are represented by executive members of their school’s engineering society. One of the conferences, FYIC, is catered especially to first year students, and I would highly recommend applying to attend. This year, FYIC is hosted by the University of Ottawa in the beginning of February.

ESSCO organizes many different events that bring universities across Ontario together. These events include conferences, the Ontario Engineering Competition, National Engineering Month, and Wonderland Math and Physics Day. It is a great way to get involved and represent your university at higher level.


Annual Conferences


Member Schools


Student Members

Latest News:

  • This year’s ESSCO Annual General Meeting (AGM) was hosted at the University of Waterloo from June 1st to 4th. Over 75 delegates met for a weekend of workshops, sessions, and panels, with the focus of leadership development and sharing of best pract...

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  • As exams are quickly approaching, it’s extra important for students to take time for destressing and be mindful of their mental health. The University of Windsor aims to provide resources and activities to the students to allow for a bit of relaxation a...

  • On February 3rd, first year students from across Ontario met in Ottawa for ESSCO’s First Year Integration Conference (FYIC). The conference is a leadership development conference for first year students looking to increase their involvement within their...